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Catalina Mena - Domestic Lexis
At the Domestic Edge. Bladed Weapons of Catalina Mena.

The domestic signs and graphic symbols Catalina Mena has portrayed with pointy knives, round stretcher, tables, cups, vases and pinned words – by making holes in metal or pinned on a white canvas- seem to warn us that “the domestic edge” where femininity balances may transform into a dangerous “blade”, in other words, it is an unpredictable dangerous giddy. By completely transforming the traditional image of the domus, Catalina Mena inquires by means of elements that are timidly revealed (the threads, little needles, stretchers and cups) how the many sharp home devices used on a daily basis set together. The domestic edge represents things that seem to be and do not correspond to the Domestic Lexis of the objects, therefore they move and disturb our daily life.



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